Sommelier India skriver om BKWines vinresor

Sommelier India Wine Magazine logoSommelier India är ett internetmagasin om vin. De publicerar nyheter, provningskommentarer artiklar med mera. Och så skriver de även om vinresor.

De skrev nyligen en artikel om vinresor i Indien (!) och i Europa där BKWine är en av de tre researrangörer de nämner. Så här skrev de:

World’s Top Wine Tours

If you are a wine traveller who wants to meet the winemakers and have a personal and unique experience, then BKWine Tours are for you. BKWine tours have been named “World’s Top Wine Tours” by Travel + Leisure magazine. BKWine organises top-quality wine and gastronomy tours to the world’s most beautiful wine regions. Whether you are interested in visiting the famous and exclusive châteaux of Bordeaux or the undiscovered gems and future stars, BKWine will give you a unique experience. Britt and Per Karlsson, founders of BKWine, are also internationally well known wine writers and photographers, regularly published in specialized wine and food press and authors of two wine books.

Läs hela artikeln på deras sajt: Information You Can Use – Wine Tours.

Och när vi ändå är där, Sommelier India skrev även en artikel om vår bok som just vunnit pris som ”världens bästa vinbok för professionella”:

I love books almost as much I love wine. A book I’m looking forward to adding to my library is the Swedish wine book, “The Creation of a Wine”, which has won the “World’s Best Wine Book for Professionals 2010″ prize in the international book competition, “Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2011″. Trouble is it’s not in English as yet!

Läs hela deras artikel om Ett vin blir till här: Reva Singh’s Sip of the Day: Swedish book on wine

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